The Programme is available to download here [.pdf]

Format of sessions

The conference aims to maximise learning from best practice in higher education from around the world, encourage reflection and give participants the opportunity to explore topics of interest in depth. It is important that we provide a true learning environment. We are planning for a mixture of keynote speakers, break-out sessions and / or panel discussions; and each will be structured in such a way that dialogue can be developed between participants.

With reference to the themes identified above, you are invited to submit a proposal for any of the following:

  • Plenary sessions: as these are to be attended by all conference delegates, these sessions should focus on issues which will be of interest to all participants. Presenters will be expected to speak for 20-30 minutes and should be prepared to respond to questions from the floor thereafter.
  • Parallel break-out sessions: these sessions will provide opportunity for three or four presenters each to speak for a maximum of 10-15 minutes on related topics, so that there is plenty of time thereafter for discussion about the practices or issued raised.
  • Workshop sessions: for small groups of participants in which the presenter will be expected to speak for approximately 20 minutes and then workshop the core issues raised in his/her presentation for the remainder of the session.