HR Management & PR Network Conference

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Steering Institutional Strategy: the critical roles of HR and PR

Sunday 13-Wednesday 16 July 2014
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, United Kingdom

The conference will examine the role that HR and PR professionals can and should play in helping to articulate and steer institutional strategies. It will focus on the strategies to be adopted and the competencies required by HR and PR professionals in addressing the challenges facing higher education, including:

• New universities emerging in Asia and the Middle East;
• Established universities partnering with institutions in other countries or establishing their own branch campuses overseas;
• For-profit universities and MOOCs;
• Increasing competition for students both nationally and internationally;
• Technological changes resulting in many students enrolled on distance learning courses.

The conference will cover the following sub-themes:

1. Internationalisation – looking at the impact of internationalisation as well as how to promote it
2. The business of higher education – examining the role of HR and PR in helping universities to cope under financial constraints
3. Careers in universities – focussing on the development of administrative careers in higher education
4. The use and impact of social media in HR and PR

Who should attend?

The conference will appeal primarily to HR and PR directors in universities but will also be of value to other senior policymakers with an interest in the theme, including registrars, assistant registrars, deputy vice-chancellors, strategic planners and heads of large departments or research units.