Extending the welcome: Long-term approaches to supporting refugees and at-risk scholars in higher education

The University of Edinburgh, UK | 7-8 March 2019

Worldwide, millions of displaced people are denied access to education. 

This two-day event – organised in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and the British Council – will explore the role of higher education in supporting displaced people, and seek to identify the interventions and policies needed to sustain this in the longer-term. 

The programme will focus on the following thematic areas and approaches:

  • Pathway programmes and skills training – providing alternative routes into higher education for displaced populations around the world

  • Open and distance learning – education provision off-campus in a range of different contexts globally

  • Sanctuary programmes, scholarships and mobility – supporting scholars to be mobile and providing opportunities and support on campus

  • Partnerships – universities working in partnership with each other and wider actors to provide opportunities

This initiative is part of the ACU's commitment to equity and access in higher education and will bring together university representatives and policy makers from across the world to begin shaping a long-term vision for the role of higher education in supporting refugees, displaced peoples, and scholars at-risk.

In collaboration with

University of Edinburgh

British Council