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Voices of the Blue Charter

A marine plastics research showcase event.

29 Apr 2021
10:00-11:40 (UTC)

Our oceans are increasingly threatened by the plastics accumulating in marine ecosystems, and research and innovation play a vital role driving effective solutions to this global challenge.

On 29 April 2021, we invite you to attend ‘Voices of the Blue Charter: a marine plastics research showcase'. This unique virtual event convenes 9 Blue Charter Fellows (2019-20), who will be presenting their work to a diverse international audience. They will be joined in conversation by a range of stakeholders from local communities, NGOs, industries, and international organisations such as the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The researchers will present the innovative projects they completed during their Blue Charter Fellowships. Their work covers many topical issues supporting the aims of the Commonwealth Blue Charter, ranging from plastics in fishing supply chains to nature-based mitigation strategies, behavioural change in coastal communities, and alternative applications of plastic wastes.

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This is a free event and an excellent opportunity for students, academics, industry stakeholders, and individuals passionate about ocean conservation and sustainability to discover the latest research driving the fight against marine plastics pollution. 

This event will run from 10:00-11:40 AM (UTC).

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Research showcase

To find out more about the researchers presenting at the event and their work, click below to access our virtual Blue Charter research showcase.

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