Pippa Jackson's Story

Pippa is British and Australian, currently living in London.

Pippa JacksonIn 2010 Pippa’s life changed dramatically and she took a previously unplanned path. She was working in London when she was offered a job in Sydney. Pippa says, “It was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse, no matter how much my mother tried to persuade me otherwise.”

Pippa explains, “I lived and worked in Sydney for the next seven years. I loved my job. I learnt a lot from it, but equally, I was able to share a lot of my UK experience with my Australian colleagues. Similarly, I learned from them. Adapting to the change of lifestyle and work culture was equal parts exciting and challenging, but definitely helped my personal development.”

Pippa seized chances and travelled around the incredible country that is Australia. She made lifelong friends and soaked up the opportunity to discover a new environment, culture and people. Pippa says, “Whilst Australia is an extremely long way away, it always felt very familiar to me. The two countries share so many common bonds.”

“In 2016, I became an Australian citizen - one of the proudest achievements of my life. I feel incredibly privileged to hold two Commonwealth passports – British and Australian. I have two places to call home and for that I am thankful, although always slightly torn between the two!”

Pippa returned to England last year with her British-Australian partner, their Aussie-born child and their six passports. England is their home again, at least for now.

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