Commonwealth Stories

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We’re keen to hear ways in which the Commonwealth has shaped your life. It could be in a small way or totally transformative. Perhaps you have roots in one country, but live in another. Maybe you moved to another Commonwealth country to study or work – or maybe your parents did and that, in turn, resulted in a new way of life for you.

Do you have a story to share? We’d love to hear it. Email us at with the subject line ‘Commonwealth Stories’. We will showcase selected stories on the ACU social channels and website.

Here are some questions to help inform your story:

  • Where were you born?
  • In which Commonwealth countries have you lived?
  • Do you have links to other Commonwealth countries via family or marriage?
  • Have you studied/worked in another Commonwealth country? If so, why did you choose that path?
  • Has being a Commonwealth citizen afforded you opportunities you may not have had otherwise?

Please tell us about those experiences.

Your stories

Keren Elton: from Canada to the UK – “My family history and personal experiences are a wonderful representation of the spirit of the Commonwealth.”

Annabel Boud: from Australia to the UK via Fiji and Sri Lanka – “I learned not to take anything that I have for granted; to be open to new experiences and points of view.” 

Pippa Jackson: from the UK to Australia and back again – "I feel incredibly privileged to hold two Commonwealth passports – British and Australian." 

Professor Deep Saini: from India to Australia – "My journey on this road began long before the Commonwealth was founded or I was even born, and it has marked everything I am today.”

Naivasha Mwanji: from Africa to the UK – "It was a life-changing experience that kick-started my passion for travelling and seeing the world.” 

Ben Sturt: from the UK to Australia – “Despite being bitten by very large ants and attacked a few times by wild bull camels, I fondly remember my time in the desert."

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